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Welcome to my site!


This blog will cover all aspects of Irish genealogy with tips, news and my own experience of researching.

About Me

I was bitten by the genealogy bug over 8 years ago. It all started when I wanted to find out more about my husband’s family for our son and then realized I didn’t know where to look beyond family photos. I decided to do a course to learn more and ended up with a professional qualification – Diploma in Family History (Genealogy). I never intended becoming a professional genealogist but a year after I graduated I had a website up and running. That’s how easily you get sucked in! I named it Hibernia Roots as ‘Hibernia’ is the Latin/Roman name for Ireland.

Why I do what I do!

I’ve made some great friends through researching their families – I treat each case as if it was my own family,  and I still get excited when I find a piece of the puzzle. I’m like a dog with a bone, I don’t give up! I love connecting people with their Irish homeplace and have worked for clients all over the world – anywhere there are Irish Diaspora.

I’m passionate about Irish family history and local history and added another qualification string to my bow – a Certificate in Oral History.

As anyone who has started their family research knows, its the stories you’ve heard from older relatives that whets your interest in finding out more so Oral History is just as important – and more interesting than document searching! They complement each other though.

Hiring a genealogist

You might say ‘why do I need to hire a genealogist – a lot of information is online now‘ – but its not as simple as that. You need to know the reliable sources, how many sources are out there, and how to search for and identify the facts. We are all time-poor these days so ‘outsourcing’ your family research makes sense.

If you’d like me to help you find your Irish Roots get in touch and we can start the journey together.

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